[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-3.0.8 released(urgent security update)

Andrey Andreev narf at bofh.bg
Mon Dec 31 20:33:19 EST 2012

Quoting Jeremy Chadwick <ratbox at jdc.parodius.com>:

> On Tue, Jan 01, 2013 at 02:50:28AM +0200, Andrey Andreev wrote:
>> My ircds don't seem to have that module loaded (I didn't manually
>> unload it). I guess it is safe to assume that I'm not vulnerable to
>> that bug then?
>> - Andrey
>> Quoting androsyn <androsyn at ratbox.org>:
>> >If you happen to be running a vunerable server and for whatever reason
>> >cannot upgrade immediately, a /quote modunload m_capab.so should mitigate
>> >the effects of the bug.
> Did you determine this by looking at ircd.conf or by doing "/quote
> modlist"?  If the former, please do the latter.

modlist, naturally.

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