[ircd-ratbox] schema-sqlite indexes error

mog lists at elasticmind.net
Mon Sep 13 12:26:26 UTC 2010

  On 13/09/2010 07:30, jason wrote:
> after generating a fresh table,
> Error: near line 173: near "INDEX": syntax error
> Error: near line 174: near "INDEX": syntax error
> pointing to the following;
> ALTER TABLE cf_temp_score ADD INDEX cf_temp_score_chname_idx (chname);
> ALTER TABLE cf_temp_score ADD INDEX cf_temp_score_userhost_idx (userhost);
> shouldn't these be..
> CREATE INDEX cf_temp_score_chname_idx ON cf_temp_score (chname);
> CREATE INDEX cf_temp_score_userhost_idxx ON cf_temp_score (userhost);
> or am i mistaken?
> this problem stemmed from a chanfix issue that kept popping up, services would just randomly delink and i would get the following in the logfile;
> 2010/9/11 20.01 debug: Examining channels for opped users.
> 2010/9/11 20.01 fatal error: problem with db file: no such column: userhost_id
> 2010/9/11 20.01 ratbox-services terminated: (problem with db file)
> ----------
> just my $0.02c.


Sorry, thanks for spotting and reporting this. Will check the syntax and 
update the schema later on.

By the way, if you're using /rserv/trunk/ for its prototype ChanFix 
support, we strongly recommend against using sqlite at this time. We 
don't believe sqlite will be able to cope with what ChanFix will be 
asking of it.

Kind regards.

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