[ircd-ratbox] schema-sqlite indexes error

jason jason at xax.li
Mon Sep 13 06:30:10 UTC 2010

after generating a fresh table, 

Error: near line 173: near "INDEX": syntax error
Error: near line 174: near "INDEX": syntax error

pointing to the following; 

ALTER TABLE cf_temp_score ADD INDEX cf_temp_score_chname_idx (chname);
ALTER TABLE cf_temp_score ADD INDEX cf_temp_score_userhost_idx (userhost);

shouldn't these be..

CREATE INDEX cf_temp_score_chname_idx ON cf_temp_score (chname);
CREATE INDEX cf_temp_score_userhost_idxx ON cf_temp_score (userhost);

or am i mistaken?

this problem stemmed from a chanfix issue that kept popping up, services would just randomly delink and i would get the following in the logfile;

2010/9/11 20.01 debug: Examining channels for opped users.
2010/9/11 20.01 fatal error: problem with db file: no such column: userhost_id
2010/9/11 20.01 ratbox-services terminated: (problem with db file)


just my $0.02c.

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