[ircd-ratbox] Problems with S2S SSL links

Marc Dequènes (Duck) duck at duckcorp.org
Tue Jul 6 07:54:39 EDT 2010


I'm using 3.0.6 since a while, with working C2S SSL connections. I  
recently updated the configuration to switch our S2S links to SSL too,  
and cannot get it working.

On the connecting server, i got this in the log:
2010/7/6 11.20 Connection to irc.duckcorp.org activated
2010/7/6 11.20 Connect to *[irc.duckcorp.org] @
2010/7/6 11.20 ssld error for  
irc.duckcorp.org[unknown at]: Read error: Input/output error

But i get nothing in the logs on the hub side.

SSL is compiled on both sides (irc.duckcorp.org and  
irc-test.duckcorp.org), using GNUTLS (2.8.6), and client connections  
work well.

Attached is a dump of the communication during a SCONNECT. As you can  
see, the packet with the PASS command is not encrypted as was expected  
(i only removed the real password, but everything else is real).

Could someone help me ?


Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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