[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-2.2.9 released

Aaron Sethman androsyn at ratbox.org
Mon Jan 25 16:45:54 UTC 2010

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Sig: http://www.ircd-ratbox.org/download/ircd-ratbox-2.2.9.tar.bz2.asc
sha1sum: c8fe0bd8e8f5d59db79a0c1b31904c2727b8d6be

This is the current version of the 'stable' tree of ircd-ratbox.

If you are upgrading from 2.1, you must read doc/whats-new-2.2.txt
If you are upgrading from 2.0, you must also read doc/whats-new-2.1.txt
If you are upgrading from 1.x, you must also read doc/whats-new-2.0.txt

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.9
- - fix a critical user-triggerable crash with /quote HELP on some platforms 
- - fix a user-triggerable crash with /links processing when flatten_links is 

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.8
- - add a prototype that without makes the ircd dump core on xline on 64bit

- -- ircd-ratbox-
- - fixed a typo in the resv mask stuff :(

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.7
- - backport match_esc fixes from svn trunk
- - fix searching of duplicate xlines/resv when adding new ones
- - include real hostname in Closing Link messages for unknown connections
- - fix parser to only take lists of options when asked for
- - fix config file line number reporting
- - change EmptyString() macro to work with gcc 4.2
- - make MONITOR reporting more efficient by replacing the target's nickname
  with * as with server messages
- - make exempts apply to unregistered connections as well

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.6
- - upstream adns fix for when tcp connections fail immediately
- - minor memleak fix when rehashing helpfiles etc
- - fix a potential DoS that could result in resource starvation

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.5
- - fix bug with connect {}; blocks and empty classnames
- - disable allowing permanent klines to be set over temporary klines, as it
  did not sufficiently check there was also a permanent kline
- - alter TS6 logic slightly on channel joins to help avoid desyncs when
  a mode is crossing the network in the opposite direction to a JOIN
- - support for receiving and propagating SAVE for future FNC support
- - fix wildcard-to-cidr code slightly
- - fix for kqueue potentially losing updates when it is under high load
- - fix leaking of spoofed ips on +f notices
- - fix invisible count being off when people oper up with a default +i umode
- - fix /who on channels with ** in their name
- - when using --enable-services, hide channels a service is in
- - alter KICK logic to avoid leaking UIDs when we receive a kick with no
- - make anti-nickflood code nicer so it avoids trapping users in a situation
  where everytime they attempt to change nick, it just makes the
  anti-nickflood apply worse
- - minor bugfix to WEBIRC

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.4
- - Add m_webirc module to contrib, allows showing real host of CGI:IRC users.
- - send RPL_WHOISLOGGEDIN (330) in TS6 form if appropriate
- - minor conf/documentation updates
- - when finding a member of a channel, choose the shorter of the
  users/channels list to search
- - count escaped wildcards characters as non-wildcards
- - remove the cached storage of how many +beI there are, thereby fixing a
  case where it can get desynced from reality
- - improve xline \s code slightly

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.3
- - fix select() IO code
- - allow servers to send to @#channel and +#channel
- - dont issue ERR_USERNOTINCHANNEL to remote users for modes
- - fix ban cache applying after an sjoin has cleared the ban list
- - fix minor issue rebuilding JOIN list

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.2
- - fix compile problem in servlink/ on some platforms
- - remove double */ in example confs
- - fix to allow channel +b to be masked properly
- - configure had the wrong default topiclen
- - dont allow topic bursts to clear topics
- - fix epoll issues when specifying it with --enable-epoll
- - various cleanups to the example confs
- - dont pace /list on a single channel
- - fix "Lost connection" showing the error number instead of the string, and
  for servers output it to +s and server.log instead of +d and iodebug.log
- - fix poll() to not be slow
- - handle conf files that arent terminated in unix format better
- - fix CPRIVMSG/CNOTICE to end the grace period

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.1
- - remove support for resolving ip6.int, people should be using .arpa
- - minor compile fixes for solaris
- - fix core in client capabilities
- - fix user triggerable memleak

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.0
- - fix core with stats e
- - sort user /quote help index properly

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.0rc3
- - respect chanmode +e in /knock
- - fix some solaris /dev/poll stuff
- - more logic fixes for match_esc()
- - fix some minor issues with a global who occasionally skipping clients
- - make /who return ERR_TOOMANYMATCHES when its limits reached
- - fix RSFNC to also collide unknown users

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.0rc2
- - Fix compilation of contrib/
- - Fix cores with unknown servers
- - TESTMASK has been extended to take a gecos field, and match against CIDR
  ip masks.
- - New operspy capable MASKTRACE command, works like testmask except actually
  lists those clients that match.
- - Fix listener name for wildcard binds.
- - Update some help files
- - Fix a core in challenge.
- - Rewrite the logic for match_esc() used by xlines, so that '@' doesnt match
  a literal '@' etc.
- - Properly exit when we receive SIGTERM.
- - Add some more log entries for when we drop new server connections.

- -- ircd-ratbox-2.2.0rc1
- - A large number of memory usage related cleanups which should cut memory
  usage by a noticable amount.
- - CPU optimisations for the iline/kline/dline hash.
- - Removed rate limiting of /away.
- - Extend TESTMASK to take [nick!]user at host matches.
- - New TESTMASKGECOS command, a TESTMASK for a gecos match.
- - Hardcode hiding servers IPs.
- - HIDE_SPOOF_IPS is now hide_spoof_ips = yes|no; in general {};
- - New CHANTRACE command, an ETRACE for a channel.
- - Mangle klines for user at 1.2.3.* to user at etc.
- - Improved installation documentation.
- - Fix a potential core in kills from a server
- - Various fixes when setting bans (klines etc) which help prevent overriding
  minimum wildcard limits
- - Output from ircd -conftest is now more streamlined, and will use proper
  exit codes
- - Fix bug where temporary nick resvs had a 60x longer duration than
- - Add rtsigio back in, an IO subsystem for linux, particularly 2.4 users who
  do not have epoll.
- - Rewrote the CHALLENGE system.  The respond utils are now in their own tree
  and there is a native windows port.  See http://respond.ircd-ratbox.org
- - Speed improvements to poll()
- - configure option --with-maxclients is gone, maximum number of clients is
  now done via the /quote set option, with an upper bound of what the shell
  tells us our fd limit is.

  You can set the default set option maxclients via serverinfo {};
  default_max_clients = number;
- - ERROR had somehow been lost from loading.
- - Improved logging in situations where we disallow a servers link.

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