[ircd-ratbox] ratbox-services: A few more bug fixes

Narf narf at bofh.bg
Fri Feb 26 07:47:46 EST 2010

Hello again,
I've found a few more bugs in ratbox-services, related to ban & exempt  
checking in ChanServ. They're all related to checking the users' ip  
addresses when they appear on IRC with a resolved hostname(and/or  
probably a spoof) instead of an IP address.

  - s_chan_unban doesn't check bans on ip addresses
  - s_chan_addban, h_chanserv_join and find_exempt don't check  
bans/exempts on ip addresses and/or cidr

I'm attaching a patch with the needed fixes.

Andrey Andreev a.k.a. Narf.
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