[ircd-ratbox] Question about simulation multiple users via one connection

Joan Touzet wohali at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 16:07:02 UTC 2009

I don't know anything about the implementation of UO, but here are some ideas.

You'd need to write something on the game server side that pretends to
be an IRC server (or, actually is one). You then make an IRC network
of 2 servers, the game server being one, and your external server
you've just set up being another. Use a connect{} block to make this
magic happen. Server-to-server connections are already designed for
what you're talking about; you just have to do the work of processing
each and every end user request and feeding those over the server

Other ideas include having each end user client connect directly to
your server, or through a transparent proxy hosted at the UO server
side. This way the client just implements the IRC protocol, and you're

Assuming you're *not* a developer of the UO service, and have no
access to the UO server infrastructure or any way to code server-side
behaviour, your only option is having each and every client directly
connect to your server as well as the game server.

Hope this helps,
Joan Touzet  |  joant at ieee.org  |  wohali at efnet

2009/1/30 "Florian Schätz" <Iryan at gmx.de>:
> Hi,
> we're using an ircd-ratbox as our own little chat server, works fine. Now I want to try something new and connect a game (Ultima Online) via it's internal chat to the IRC server. The UO side of the problem is pretty easy, but I don't know how to start about linking the ratbox to it...
> Is it possible to...
> - connect to the ratbox with only ONE connection (from UO)
> - but get multiple users this way (one for every user logged into the internal game chat)
> - send out everything is happening in the IRC to UO and via versa
> The whole thing has only to support very basic commands (mainly text messages, private messages, emotes and channel changes - but not more than one channel per game user at a time).
> So... Is this possible? And if yes: How would one start with it?
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