[ircd-ratbox] Question about simulation multiple users via one connection

"Florian Schätz" Iryan at gmx.de
Fri Jan 30 17:16:26 UTC 2009

Hello toegether,

> I don't know anything about the implementation of UO, but here are some
> ideas.

This specific implementation is a RunUO server, not an original one. It's OpenSource and coded in C#. I would call it an emulator, even if the RunUO devs don't like the name :-) You can find it on RunUO.com
> You'd need to write something on the game server side that pretends to
> be an IRC server (or, actually is one). You then make an IRC network
> of 2 servers, the game server being one, and your external server
> you've just set up being another. Use a connect{} block to make this
> magic happen. Server-to-server connections are already designed for
> what you're talking about; you just have to do the work of processing
> each and every end user request and feeding those over the server
> connection.

I was afraid that this would probably be the best way. How much work can I expect to implement an IRC server? Does anyone know of a .NET IRCD library which I could use for it?

And Jilles:

> As far as commands go, take note that you cannot stop things like nick
> changes, kicks and kills from happening.

This won't be a problem, as the "real" IRC server should always have more priority than the UO server.

If I find the time, I'll have a look if it's possible to write a (very simple) IRC server in a reasonable amount of time - as there are other things to code on the server, too :-)

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