[ircd-ratbox] join messages aren't properly formatted

Nick Manley darkhack at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 03:38:47 UTC 2009

According to RFC 2812, here is what the join message from the server should be:

:WiZ!jto at tolsun.oulu.fi JOIN #Twilight_zone

However, on EFNet, using ircd-ratbox 3.0.4, it has the channel name as
a trailing parameter (preceded by a colon) instead of as a middle
parameter.  Meaning it looks like this.

:WiZ!jto at tolsun.oulu.fi JOIN :#Twilight_zone

Is this a bug in ircd-ratbox or is this an accepted form?  I'm in the
process of writing my own IRC client and I encountered a bug because
of this.  mIRC seems to handle it just fine which made me wonder if
mIRC is also not adhering to the standard as strictly, or if there is
another standard that I'm unaware of that allows this.  Thank you all
for your help.

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