[ircd-ratbox] ratbox-services and database hooks, where to begin.

Ryan tiko at 7sinz.net
Tue Dec 15 21:35:26 UTC 2009

Lee H wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 02:18:02AM -0500, Ryan wrote:
>> My question, finally, is: what is the starting point for importing data,
>> which i will make sure are on the server hosting ratbox-services, using
>> the provided database hooks?
> This is one of those situations where knowing what you're trying to achieve
> as an end result can make things easier to suggest..
> That said, based on what you've said I would be tempted to go about this a 
> different way.  In particular, is there no way you can have the ircd and 
> Drupal share the same mysql backend server?
> Generally speaking it is safe to read from the rserv database -- but not ok
> to write to it.  If they're sharing the same backend server, the upshot of
> this is that Drupal can actually be querying the rserv database live, and
> then using the hooks to get information in.
> If you decrease the hook run time in rserv so it's once every few seconds 
> say, you can actually wait it out in Drupal to get what you want.  Having
> rserv notify Drupal will be difficult -- if Drupal can instead monitor the
> rserv database it could be easier all round.
> Of course I'm working on two presumptions here, firstly Drupal/rserv can be
> made to share the same architecture -- and secondly that it will be easier
> for you to do PHP code in Drupal, than to do C in rserv..
> Have a think -- and please keep the list in any replies.
> Cheers,
It is possible for the two databases to share the same server, that 
shouldn't be an issue.
I honestly didn't even think of things in the manner you suggested, 
which is obviously

The motivation behind this is to allow login authentication 
automatically, on the web
or IRC side when a user autheticates for the other, as well as automatic 
registration for
the service opposite the one registered through.  Hopefully, that 
clarifies things.

To reiterate, and for my own understanding, if the mysql backend is 
shared between
my CMS and services, the entire process should be a little easier?  
Although it is not as
efficient for me to have my mysqld and services on the same server, it 
is possible.
The reasoning behind this is that I have a shared webhost and services 
are on a dedicated
machine.  But, in all, it shouldn't be a huge hit to performance, and 
likely won't even
be noticeable.

I have not had enough time to begin understanding the process behind the 
hooks within
services and would appreciate some light on that as well.

Thanks for reading,

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