[ircd-ratbox] ratbox-services and database hooks, where to begin.

Ryan tiko at 7sinz.net
Mon Dec 14 07:18:02 UTC 2009

hello all,

I am interested in using the dbhook features of ratbox-services to sync
with a remote mysql database which is supporting a drupal cms site.

My services version is 1.2.1, ircd hybrid 7.2.3 and using the sqlite db.
I realize I might be getting myself into a giant CF, but, I'm willing to
take the time needed to make it happen.  My plans are to have my web
server pass new account info through periodic cron jobs to the server
running services, have the hooks update the database in memory and
return some kind of confirmation to the web server.  New accounts
created on the IRC side should be able to notify the web server as well.
There will be an obvious delay for addition of accounts from the web
server, but I do expect the services to send updates immediately to
the mysql database (through whatever means necessary).  With that
said, I intend only for uname, passwd and email to be in sync.

My question, finally, is: what is the starting point for importing data,
which i will make sure are on the server hosting ratbox-services, using
the provided database hooks?

I hope that I've been clear with my intentions and that someone can offer
a definitive starting point.

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