[ircd-ratbox] ChanServ UNBAN bug

Latchezar Tzvetkoff Sci-Fi at Sci-Fi.co.cc
Mon Jan 28 09:16:15 UTC 2008

Well, actually ratbox IRCd supports ban stacking, but services doen't, 
and ban masks like will not get found by ChanServ, neither in 
the find_exempt(...) function. However, there's another problem with IP 
bans, too. If I put a ban to an IP that has a PTR (host), the client 
will got banned, and he/she won't can unban through ChanServ, because it 
doesn't resolve the hostnames in client_p->mask (client_p->host, i 
saw...). I've decided to write a patch, and it is available at  
The code is pretty ugly, imho :)
I hope you find a better way doing it...

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