[ircd-ratbox] ratbox-services chanserv lax on flags.

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Mon Apr 21 20:10:52 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 11:39:01PM +0100, Chris Rees wrote:
> I'm tweaking ircd-ratbox and ratbox-services etc, and find that when I
> restart both (ircd-ratbox + ratbox-services), chanserv neglects to
> apply modes, for example +i #operators.
> This means that after a restart, channels are unmanaged until a
> registered (channel) op jumps in, and sets the modes, which are then
> enforced.
> Why does it not seem to obey CREATEMODES, or have I misunderstood them?

CREATEMODES is only used if chanserv is supposed to be in the channel
generally (i.e. AUTOJOIN is on), or it is forced to join the channel for
some other reason (i.e. to ban/kick or deop the only user in the channel,
when a ban matches, or RESTRICTOPS/NOOPS are on respectively).

There is a further conf option to chanserv called "autojoin_empty", which
controls whether chanserv will create channels marked as AUTOJOIN.  The
default to this is off -- as being enabled tends to result in lots of
channels that have noone but chanserv in them.

It would appear that autojoin_empty is missing from the example.conf though.

If a mode is to be enforced, ENFORCEMODES should be used..


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