[ircd-ratbox] How to become a services oper?

Lewis lists at elasticmind.net
Wed Nov 21 09:06:00 UTC 2007


When specifying a services operator with the 'operator' class, the user 
should reflect the identity of the person as they appear on IRC. So for 
example, if the services operators appears on IRC as the following, then 
you could use the corresponding user declarations in the operator class:

someone!someone at -> user = "*someone at"
someone!someone at 150-31-51-124.domain.com -> user = "*someone@*.domain.com"
someone!someone at spoofed.address -> user = "*someone at spoofed.address"

Normally I would expect services operators to have spoofed addresses, 
but hopefully the above examples will explain better.

Hope that helps.


John Marshall wrote:
> ongeboren wrote:
>> It seems like you're looking for the documentation section of the
>> website from where you've certainly downloaded your sources:
>> http://docs.ircd-ratbox.org/idx-services.shtml
> Thanks: you were right. OLOGIN to the rescue - from the operguide.txt 
> page. This page is included in doc/operguide.txt in the distribution as 
> well. I had read through it about a week ago and then completely forgot 
> about its existence :-(
> For the record...
> Having discovered OLOGIN, the next snag I struck was the access control 
> for services opers. The ratbox-services.conf.sample shows the example:
>      user = "flame at";
> suggesting that user at ip.address was what was wanted, but I could only 
> get it to work by specifying user at host.domain (where host.domain is the 
> host pointed to by the DNS PTR record for the IP address in question - 
> i.e. user at alias.domain wouldn't work either).
> Thank you very much for your help.

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