[ircd-ratbox] How to become a services oper?

John Marshall John.Marshall at riverwillow.com.au
Wed Nov 21 01:54:22 UTC 2007

ongeboren wrote:
> It seems like you're looking for the documentation section of the
> website from where you've certainly downloaded your sources:
> http://docs.ircd-ratbox.org/idx-services.shtml

Thanks: you were right. OLOGIN to the rescue - from the operguide.txt 
page. This page is included in doc/operguide.txt in the distribution as 
well. I had read through it about a week ago and then completely forgot 
about its existence :-(

For the record...

Having discovered OLOGIN, the next snag I struck was the access control 
for services opers. The ratbox-services.conf.sample shows the example:
     user = "flame at";
suggesting that user at ip.address was what was wanted, but I could only 
get it to work by specifying user at host.domain (where host.domain is the 
host pointed to by the DNS PTR record for the IP address in question - 
i.e. user at alias.domain wouldn't work either).

Thank you very much for your help.

John Marshall

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