[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-2.2.4 released

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Sat Jan 6 23:33:12 UTC 2007

Sig: http://www.ircd-ratbox.org/download/ircd-ratbox-2.2.4.tgz.asc
sha1sum: 07c8dc0a2875e8165bc3392ac11baa8ceeb8848a

This is the current version of the 'stable' tree of ircd-ratbox.

-- ircd-ratbox-2.2.4
- Add m_webirc module to contrib, allows showing real host of CGI:IRC users.
- send RPL_WHOISLOGGEDIN (330) in TS6 form if appropriate
- minor conf/documentation updates
- when finding a member of a channel, choose the shorter of the
  users/channels list to search
- count escaped wildcards characters as non-wildcards
- remove the cached storage of how many +beI there are, thereby fixing a
  case where it can get desynced from reality
- improve xline \s code slightly

-                 Lee H // anfl
-        I code, therefore I break things.
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