[ircd-ratbox] New TS6 revision

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Wed Feb 14 19:10:55 UTC 2007


I have just done a new revision of the TS6 specification.

HTML: http://docs.ircd-ratbox.org/ircd_ts6.shtml
TXT: http://svn.ratbox.org/svnroot/ircd-ratbox/trunk/doc/technical/ts6.txt

The changes extract taken from the new specification is below..

- Changes between v7 and v8 -

In the v7 specification, the JOIN command included the channel modes of a
channel, and acted on them following TS rules.  In the v8 specification,
JOIN will never send modes.

Desyncs can occur both when they are sent and when they are not.  If they
are sent, then you can have a situation where a user on one side of the
network issues "MODE #channel -l", and a user on another side of the network
issues "JOIN #channel" whilst the +l still exists.  As the JOIN string sent 
server<->server includes the full modes at the time of the user joining, 
this will propagate the +l, but there is a -l crossing in the other
direction.  Desync will occur beyond where they intersect.

If the modes are not sent, then a lower TS JOIN command, or a JOIN command
that creates a channel will cause a desync.

It is judged that the desync with sending the modes is worse than the desync
by not sending them, as such the v8 specification dictates modes are not
sent with a JOIN command server<->server.

The v8 specification also clarifies that servers may issue TMODE.

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-        I code, therefore I break things.
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