[ircd-ratbox] Getting operator{} to work

Didrik Madheden didrik at kth.se
Mon Aug 27 22:16:02 UTC 2007

On 27/08/07, Scott Genduso <entropy at 602.org> wrote:
> /whois yourself, are you showing up on the server as blah at ?
> If not, you wont match the user= portion of the operator {} block
> /oper username  has to match the username defined in    operator "username"
> {
I know pretty much for sure there's no problem with the user =
statement. It works fine in auth, and I copied it from there. username
in operator "username" matches the auth login name as well as the
ident name. For test purposes, the password is unencrypted and
~encrypted is set accordingly.
The auth entry has class = "opers"; set, and I've confirmed that the
auth login works by /whoising myself.
Still I can't do /oper.
The entries in foperlog match those in my ircd.conf down to the single
letter. I've doublechecked and even made a string comparison between
the strings to make sure my eyes aren't lying. I only have one
operator section in my whole conf file.
And that's where I'm out of ideas.

/Didrik Madheden

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