[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-2.2.3 'stable' released

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Sun Jul 23 20:51:03 UTC 2006

With this release the 2.2 branch is now marked as 'stable'.  The 2.1 branch
will no longer be maintained.

Sig: http://www.ircd-ratbox.org/download/ircd-ratbox-2.2.3.tgz.asc
sha1sum: 319af0bbbb79bea30db005b45d62882703d759c4

-- ircd-ratbox-2.2.3
- fix select() IO code
- allow servers to send to @#channel and +#channel
- dont issue ERR_USERNOTINCHANNEL to remote users for modes
- fix ban cache applying after an sjoin has cleared the ban list
- fix minor issue rebuilding JOIN list


The following is a list of major changes between ircd-ratbox-2.1 and

- Rewritten installation documentation.
- configure argument --with-maxclients is gone, we now use shell limits
  and dynamic /set maxclients option.

- New option in general {};, hide_spoof_ips = yes|no;, controls whether
  spoofed ips are hidden to all opers.
- New option in serverinfo {};, default_max_clients = number;, sets the
  default maximum number of clients which can be changed later via 
  /quote set maxclients <number>

- Removed rate limiting of /away

- TESTMASK now takes: TESTMASK <[nick!]user at host> [:<gecos>]
  Matching against all of the fields.
- TESTMASK can now perform ip comparisons, eg TESTMASK *@
- New CHANTRACE command, which will perform an ETRACE of a channel if you
  are a member.  Operspy capable.
- New MASKTRACE command, taking: MASKTRACE [!]<[nick!]user at host> [:<gecos>]
  This essentially works like TESTMASK and is operspy capable.  In normal
  usage it will actually list local clients matching the mask, when used
  with operspy it will list all clients network wide.
- Klines for user at 1.2.3.* etc are now munged to CIDR.
- New CHALLENGE system, see doc/challenge.txt and
  http://respond.ircd-ratbox.org for more information.

- Huge amounts of memory related cleanups.
- CPU optimisations to iline/kline/dline hash
- CPU optimisations to poll() network subsystem.
- Regained rtsigio network subsystem support, primarily for linux 2.4
- ircd -conftest option is now more "unix friendly"
- Improved logging when we disallow a servers linking.
- Server IP hiding is now hardcoded in.

-                 Lee H // anfl
-        I code, therefore I break things.
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