[ircd-ratbox] Attempt to re-introduce server ?

Richard Brooklyn ribs at riblet.plus.com
Sat Jan 14 22:15:17 UTC 2006


Yesterday evening, we linked a new ratbox server to our network (ratbox
is on all the servers on this network) on a testlink. Everything seemed
to go okay, after some tweaking, I went to bed. This evening when I sign
back on my server, I keep seeing strange messages I've not seen before:

--- *** Notice -- Attempt to re-introduce server server2.com from
[unknown at]

I've obviously changed the name to server2.com. This is visible on the
server which is being connected to (which I'll call server1.com). No
output is visible on server2.com. server1.com is the hub, server2.com
the connecting server.

I'm not too sure what this message means. Is server2.com trying to
connect again to server1.com? Why would it be trying to do this? I tried
squitting the servers, but when they re-connect, I get the same issue.
This message shows itself every five minutes...

Both servers are running 2.1.7. Server1.com has extra module to shortcut
to services (users type /C instead of /msg C etc.), but is otherwise
vanilla, server2.com has no patches/extra modules at all. Both servers
have crontabs to ensure the ircd is always up, but these run every 10
minutes, not 5.


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