[ircd-ratbox] Not automatically reconnecting to hub

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 16:04:52 UTC 2006

On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 01:27:12PM +0000, Richard Brooklyn wrote:
> This has been a issue with my server for some time now. When it splits
> from our hub due to networking issues, it fails to attempt to reconnect.
> I'm currently running 2.1.7. I have 5 servers set up in 'connect'
> blocks. Only one of them has the autoconn flag, as it's our main hub,
> and the rest are back-up re-routes should the hub go down.
> --- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 7000 server
> --- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 9000 server
> --- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 9000 server
> --- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 5500 server
> --- C *@ ATZ hub.hidden 9000 server
> --- c :End of /STATS report

You should look at what the max links (or whatever its called) is in your
server class.  Whatever that number is set to, if that number of servers are
already linked to your ircd, it will not attempt autoconnects.

You probably just need to seperate hubs into a seperate class.

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