[ircd-ratbox] Not automatically reconnecting to hub

Richard Brooklyn ribs at riblet.plus.com
Wed Feb 15 13:27:12 UTC 2006


This has been a issue with my server for some time now. When it splits
from our hub due to networking issues, it fails to attempt to reconnect.

I'm currently running 2.1.7. I have 5 servers set up in 'connect'
blocks. Only one of them has the autoconn flag, as it's our main hub,
and the rest are back-up re-routes should the hub go down.

There are no configuration errors showing when I issue a rehash. And
a /stats c command shows that the autoconn has been seen (some details

--- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 7000 server
--- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 9000 server
--- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 9000 server
--- C *@ TZ irc.hidden 5500 server
--- C *@ ATZ hub.hidden 9000 server
--- c :End of /STATS report

So, I'm not sure as to why the server does not automatically connect. My
server was doing this just fine on 2.0, but since I migrated to 2.1,
this has not been working. This would suggest a configuration issue. The
connect block for the hub is as follows (details changed again):

connect "hub.hidden" {
        host = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx";
        accept_password = "mypassword";
        send_password = "isnotsecure";
        port = 9000;
        hub_mask = "*";
        class = "server";
        flags = autoconn, compressed, topicburst;

Strangely, another 2.1.7 server which has to connect to me (It's on a
testlink) is able to persistently reconnect until a connection is
established. Another indication of configuration error.

When I issue a /connect hub.hidden command on IRC, the server is able to
reconnect without any issues.

Can anyone give me any advice here, short of making a new ircd.conf from
scratch ?


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