[ircd-ratbox] flood_exempt not working?

Jeremy Chadwick ratbox at jdc.parodius.com
Tue Apr 18 00:53:15 UTC 2006

It seems the flood exemption code isn't working under certain
circumstances (possibly it only works if you're /OPER'd, since
we use no_oper_flood=yes in our ircd.conf).

The scenario is this:

User jdc at connects to server on

ircd.conf running actively on the server contains:

auth {
        user = "jdc at";
        spoof = "ride.the.snake";
        flags = exceed_limit, spambot_exempt, flood_exempt, no_tilde;
        class = "opers";

TESTLINE on jdc at returns the following (e.g. correct):

I ride.the.snake * -=>jdc at 0 opers

When the client connects, it's correctly told:

*** You are exempt from user limits. congrats.
*** You are exempt from flood limits.
*** You are exempt from spambot checks.

But when that client floods in a channel:

> gf
> gf
> fgd
> g
*** Message to #hangman throttled due to flooding
> se
*** Message to #hangman throttled due to flooding
> 32
*** Message to #hangman throttled due to flooding
> 32
*** Message to #hangman throttled due to flooding

Been trying to debug this one for the past 30 minutes... I believe the
problem is with some of the code in s_packet.c, but looking at it
confuses me.  Outside of my league, like most things...

Ah yeah -- server is running ircd-ratbox-2.2.0.  :-)

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