[ircd-ratbox] ratbox-services-1.1.0beta1 'development' released

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Mon Apr 10 19:33:11 UTC 2006

Sig: http://services.ircd-ratbox.org/download/dev/ratbox-services-1.1.0beta1.tgz.asc
sha1sum: d5395388282e90e1cb5f4ffc9af92b81d2f8db04

This is the current development version of ratbox-services.  It may break.

-- ratbox-services-1.1.0beta1
- initial release, read doc/whats-new-1.1.txt

$Id: RELEASE_NOTES 22345 2006-04-10 19:15:29Z leeh $

Contents of doc/whats-new-1.1.txt:

- Make the code database agnostic so that it does not care about which
  database is used as the backend.
- Add support for mysql: --enable-mysql=[PATH]
- Add support for sqlite3 (default)
- Remove support for sqlite2
- Support for database hooks, so external processes can trigger updates done
  on the information kept in RAM.  See doc/dbhook.txt

- TS6 support
- Make stats o/O return a list of opers with access, can only be issued by
  ircops and services opers
- .flags command has gone, it has been replaced with .chat [on|off] and the
  watchserv system

- New configure option, --with-userreglen=LENGTH, to configure the maximum
  length of a registered username.

- userserv::resetpass added, to email users a confirmation for a password
- userserv::register can now email users an activation token to confirm
  registration before the username can be used
- userserv::usersuspend now takes a required suspend reason

- chanserv::suspend now takes a required suspend reason

- operserv::rehash added, to rehash services
- operserv::dbsync added, to force a database sync (primarily of the last
  time a username/channel was used)
- operserv::die added, to terminate services.
- operserv::listopers added, to list connected services opers

- banserv now accepts time modifiers w/d/h for weeks, days and hours.  These
  may not be combined -- so "1w" is valid, "1w1d" is not.

Global Service
- GLOBAL now supports welcome messages, sent when a user connects to

- A new service which allows services opers to watch through irc/dcc when
  certain commands are issued to services.

Config file
- serverinfo {}; 
  - 'sid = <SID>;', required field for the TS6 SID of services.
  - 'allow_stats_o = <yes|no>;', controls whether stats o/O is allowed
- operator {};
  - New flag to global, 'welcome', grants access to modify welcome
- service {}; 
  - New flag, 'require_shortcut', which requires commands to this
    service are done through command shortcuts rather than msg.
- database {}; 
  - New section, controlling options for databases.
- email {}; 
  - New section, controls options for sending emails.
- service "userserv" {};
  - 'register_verify = <yes|no>;', controls whether registered usernames must 
     be verified through email before use
  - 'expire_unverified_time = <duration>', controls how long unverified 
     usernames are kept around before expiry
  - 'expire_suspended_time = <duration>;', controls how long suspended 
     usernames are kept around before expiry
  - 'allow_resetpass = <yes|no>;', 
  - 'resetpass_duration = <time>;' controls how long userserv::resetpass 
     requests are kept around.
- service "chanserv" {};
  - 'expire_suspended_time = <duration>;', controls how long suspended
    channels are kept around before expiry
- service "operserv" {};
  - 'allow_die = <yes|no>;', whether operserv::die is allowed or not
- service "watchserv" {};
  - New section

-                 Lee H // anfl
-        I code, therefore I break things.
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