[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-2.2.0 'testing' released

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 20:54:57 UTC 2006

Sig: http://www.ircd-ratbox.org/download/testing/ircd-ratbox-2.2.0.tgz.asc
sha1sum: cbb75194ee6b2430092927c24c4004ad1c0d50a6

This is the current version of the 'testing' tree of ircd-ratbox.

If you are upgrading from 2.1, you must read doc/whats-new-2.2.txt
If you are upgrading from 2.0, you must also read doc/whats-new-2.1.txt
If you are upgrading from 1.x, you must also read doc/whats-new-2.0.txt

-- ircd-ratbox-2.2.0
- fix core with stats e
- sort user /quote help index properly

$Id: RELNOTES 22275 2006-04-05 20:36:18Z leeh $

-                 Lee H // anfl
-        I code, therefore I break things.
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