[ircd-ratbox] LINKS cache not generating properly

Rachel Llorenna rachies at gmail.com
Sat May 28 19:33:22 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I didn't get any response the first time, not even a bounce message or
"stop mailing this list!!!" replies. So, I'm providing my original
question/bug report ad verbatim, hoping that the developers (yes, this
means YOU, Aaron & Lee :x) might pick up and give me some sort of
indication as to what is going on.
I'm running ircd-ratbox-2.1.2, and /LINKS is only displaying the
current server for local users (non-opers.) Doing /LINKS as an oper
works fine, since it doesn't use the LINKS cache, but it seems that
the flattened links implementation isn't generating such a cache at
all. I've looked in whatsnew-2.0 and 2.1 about this as well as
RELNOTES, and there is no mention of this.

My relevant settings are:
serverhide::hidden = no;
serverhide::flatten_links = yes;
serverhide::links_delay = 5 minutes;
serverhide::disable_hidden = no;

These seem also to be read properly (the /INFO output):
disable_hidden                 NO    [Prevent servers from hiding
themselves from a flattened /links]
flatten_links                  YES   [Flatten /links list           ]
hidden                         NO    [Hide this server from a
flattened /links on remote servers]
links_delay                    300   [Links rehash delay            ]

All of the other server use serverhide::hidden = no; as well, so
that's not the issue.

Rachel Llorenna (frequency)

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