[ircd-ratbox] ratbox-services-1.0beta3 released

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Mon May 23 15:21:13 UTC 2005

Signature: http://services.ircd-ratbox.org/download/ratbox-services-1.0beta3.tgz.asc
sha1sum: 08bfe5b6dca1b319939bb459adb510846a95b611

This is the current beta version of ratbox-services.

-- ratbox-services-1.0beta3
- reorganised the directory structure

  IMPORTANT: You must move your configuration files for them to work
  with the new directory structure.  After installing this version,
  you should move your config file and db file to:

- services privs are now far more fine grained

  IMPORTANT: If you expect to have any admin access to your services,
  you must redo your privs per operator {};.  See example.conf for

- added CHANSERV::SET::NOVOICECMD, disables use of VOICE command in channel
- fix a core when exiting dcc clients due to read/write error
- added NICKSERV::SET::WARN, controls whether warnings are issued when
  another client uses a registered nickname, can be disabled in the config
  via allow_set_warn = yes|no;
- make USERSERV::USERINFO return email address
- fix checks for socket() and gethostbyname()
  which when used by clients on servers supporting it, forcibly changes
  their nickname to the one they wish to regain
- allow autoop/autovoice setting in CHANSERV::ADDUSER
- tidy up tsinfo updates
- add CHANSERV::CHANLIST and USERSERV::USERLIST, to list registered
- added a shortcut generator for use with ircd, this creates an ircd
  module containing commands such as /chanserv to interface with services
- can now forcibly build the bundled sqlite with --with-sqlitebuild to
- add short introductions to the help indexes
- .rehash help/kill -USR1 now reloads helpfiles

-                 Lee H // anfl
-        I code, therefore I break things.
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