[ircd-ratbox] RE :: Help with Linking PLEASE!

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Fri May 6 13:20:29 UTC 2005

On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 02:48:03PM +1000, SecNet wrote:
> I paid for my copy of the ratbox, and am very happy to contribute to
> the ratbox mailing lists, i do not know what is being done wrong,i
> have had a few admins of ircds now look @ it, and it only shows the
> same errros.. always packety parsing with the encryption on the
> linking. Thing is, It has working ssl , so i do not understand wtf is
> going on here, its an ircd, its bloody GREAT , yet i will have to
> ditch it ifi canot link :s

ircd-ratbox is free.

> Fair enough you can shout "but its modded" to me 10000 times, and i
> will be happy to mention,and supply een,like 4000 versions of
> modded-ircds (for those people,get over it..ppl code to make things
> for THEM).

We wont shout it 10000 times, we will tell you it once.  We do not
support modified ircds.  Supporting our own codebase is enough work
without having to also support code neither of us have seen before,
especially when the bugs are nearly always in that codebase.

If you want support, you contact the person who modified the ircd, or
you use a completely unmodified version.

> If anyone can help, it would be Very much appreciated right now,Im
> about to ditch the ratbox ircd, i dont care for 'mods' ,as i have
> stated ive ran modded ircds,linked,and nevwer a prob.
> Please, i am trying to get help, not start 'what abouts' etc, I am
> simply going to ditch it,and withfraw my donations for the ratbox
> mailing list, as i will have no further use for it.Regards,

Wouldn't that be the end of the world.

Oh yes, I see the sky has alrady started falling in.

Lee H

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