[ircd-ratbox] RE :: Help with Linking PLEASE!

SecNet d4rkstorm at gmail.com
Thu May 5 04:48:03 UTC 2005

  I am assuming i am being 'silently' ignored with an issue, so i will
post this here now (Sorry to anfl for any hassle):

I am running a modded-ratbox  , modded asin, it hasnt been 'changed'
in code. it has been made to suit a pupose,like most other modified
boxes are.
I have never modified this code myself, but it apparently "in the
wild" , it works better than any ircd i have ever used, and I would
LOVE to even PAY for the friggen info if i have to, I cannot get 3
pretty decent lined to link :[  and its p***g me off if i have to go
to bahamut or unreal when i have solved my biggest problems, wich was
bandwidth issues when clients join etc.

I paid for my copy of the ratbox, and am very happy to contribute to
the ratbox mailing lists, i do not know what is being done wrong,i
have had a few admins of ircds now look @ it, and it only shows the
same errros.. always packety parsing with the encryption on the
linking. Thing is, It has working ssl , so i do not understand wtf is
going on here, its an ircd, its bloody GREAT , yet i will have to
ditch it ifi canot link :s
Fair enough you can shout "but its modded" to me 10000 times, and i
will be happy to mention,and supply een,like 4000 versions of
modded-ircds (for those people,get over it..ppl code to make things
for THEM).

If anyone can help, it would be Very much appreciated right now,Im
about to ditch the ratbox ircd, i dont care for 'mods' ,as i have
stated ive ran modded ircds,linked,and nevwer a prob.
Please, i am trying to get help, not start 'what abouts' etc, I am
simply going to ditch it,and withfraw my donations for the ratbox
mailing list, as i will have no further use for it.Regards,
Drew B.

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