[ircd-ratbox] Upgrade confusion

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Mon Dec 19 09:40:45 UTC 2005

On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 10:41:24PM -0500, Ken Bass wrote:
> A few problems:
> 1) Is the above a typo? Should it say 'there is NOW support' instead of 
> NO support?


> 2) My problem is that I'm not sure what this means wrt formatting. What 
> is the format of this kline.conf or kline.conf.perm file? In 2.0 my info 
> was in my ircd.conf file. What do I move to the new file?

It does not use ircd.conf format, as that is dangerous.  It uses its own
format so that opers cannot introduce anything but klines into the ircd.

Clear your kline.conf, do a /kline via ircd and you will see the format.
Its something like:

> 3) In am getting these warnings:
> "ircd.conf", line 190: Non-existant configuration setting class::sendq_eob.
> "ircd.conf", line 534: Non-existant configuration setting 
> channel::default_split_delay.
> "ircd.conf", line 545: Non-existant configuration setting 
> channel::no_oper_resvs.
>  Can I safely remove these or are there new equivs?

no_oper_resvs is now configured per oper, the other two are gone.

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