[ircd-ratbox] Upgrade confusion

Ken Bass kbass at kenbass.com
Mon Dec 19 03:41:24 UTC 2005

I just upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1 and have problems will kill/resv/gecos 
ircd.conf parsing.

 From 'whatsnew in 2.1':
- You may no longer specify klines, dlines, xlines and resvs in ircd.conf.

   Instead, there is no support for banconfigs with a ".perm" extension,
   eg kline.conf.perm.  Anything within a .perm file will be read, but
   cannot be removed via the ircd.  The format of these files is the same
   format as their normal non-permanent counterpart.  So kline.conf.perm
   takes the same format as kline.conf, and so on.

A few problems:
1) Is the above a typo? Should it say 'there is NOW support' instead of 
NO support?

2) My problem is that I'm not sure what this means wrt formatting. What 
is the format of this kline.conf or kline.conf.perm file? In 2.0 my info 
was in my ircd.conf file. What do I move to the new file?

In my ircd.conf file I have
kill {
         user = "chanbot@*";
         reason = "chanbot is a reserved nick";

Do I put that exact text in kline.conf.perm or is it some other format? 
The comments says it uses the same format as kline.conf but since I 
never used that I don't know. Where is this documented? I didn't make it 
to far into the lexx/yacc code.

3) In am getting these warnings:
"ircd.conf", line 190: Non-existant configuration setting class::sendq_eob.
"ircd.conf", line 534: Non-existant configuration setting 
"ircd.conf", line 545: Non-existant configuration setting 

  Can I safely remove these or are there new equivs?

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