[ircd-ratbox] ircd-ratbox-2.1.4 released

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Fri Aug 26 14:18:36 EDT 2005

sha1sum: 853c98fcce8662989067d04e6c0dfd0ca84a9b2f
Sig: http://www.ircd-ratbox.org/download/testing/ircd-ratbox-2.1.4.tgz.asc

This is the current version of the 'testing' tree of ircd-ratbox.  This code
should be suitable for most servers, however production servers may prefer
to use the 'stable' branch.

If you are upgrading from 2.0, you must read doc/whats-new-2.1.txt
If you are upgrading from 1.x, you must read doc/whats-new-2.1.txt and

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.4
- fix minor time bug which occurs on december 31st
- dont drop a servers link when we get a malformed WHOIS
- disallow commas in channel keys
- fix compile problem with abort_list
- fix build on darwin
- fix compilation with gcc4
- userhost was only allowing 4 targets instead of 5
- invalidate channel ban cache on nickchange
- add TARGMAX to 005, detailing maximum targets for messages
- fix counting of clients on accept list when adding users
- use ID instead of name when bursting SJOIN to TS6 servers
- lower id in struct User, which was one byte bigger than it needs to be


BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS

BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
the bug by EMAIL to ircd-ratbox at lists.ratbox.org

Please include a gdb backtrace and keep the core file, binaries and 
modules in case the developers need them.

DISCUSSION: There is a mailing list for discussion of ratbox issues,
 To subscribe, visit:

You may also (if youre lucky) find us on #ratbox at EFNet

Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL

$Id: RELNOTES 20692 2005-08-26 13:07:25Z leeh $

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