[ircd-ratbox] Non-existant configuration settings.

Janky Jay III ek at thekeyboardcowboys.org
Tue Apr 12 08:58:41 UTC 2005

Sorry if this is a repeat or not meant for the mailing list.

I've been playing with ircd-ratbox-2.1.0 from CVS on FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE and FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE machines.

Everything seems fine in the build (Besides the contrib/ dir which is fine). However, when starting the server and running a rehash I get 3 errors from the configuration file.

In a connect {} block I get:
connect::aftype 'ipv6' is unknown.

In the cluster {} block I get:
Non-existant configuration setting cluster::type.

And in the serverhide {} block I get:
Non-existant configuration setting serverhide::links_delay.

Not sure if this has already been discovered/fixed. But, I tried a fresh download from CVS before I sent this in just to be safe.

Hope that's of some help and keep up the great work! I love ratbox.

Janky Jay III

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