[ircd-ratbox] Re: ircd-ratbox Digest, Vol 20, Issue 2

Alexander Georgiev ircd-hybrid at unibg.net
Fri Oct 29 15:58:40 EDT 2004

Hello boys and girls.
I should like to help to resolve this problem with mirroring. Unfortunately 
our capacity is only 10mbps (we`re small bulgarian ISP). But i personally 
can give a *.hybrid7.net subdomain absolutelly free of charge to every 
future hoster(s) who interest to make this project alive again
 Feel free to contact with me.
:Alexander V. Georgiev
Bourgas, Bulgaria

alexander [at] hybrid7 [dot] net
ircd-hybrid [at] unibg [dot] net

> The ircd patch archive I have maintained for the past three years on
> http://ircd.botbay.net is now offline permanently.

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