[ircd-ratbox] Generate Passwords

W. Campbell wcampbel at botbay.net
Sun Nov 28 16:21:00 EST 2004

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004, OSUKid7 wrote:

> Thanks. Unfortunately, I don't know what type of encryption the host uses. I
> tried that program, and none of the crypted passwords matched (or even had
> the same format as) the one generated by mkpasswd. The crypt of "password"
> is "GMuMeMoqUogqE" on my server. All password are 13 characters. Does that
> give you or anyone else a hint to what type of encryption is used? Thanks.
> OSUKid7

13 characters is standard DES.  They're the most supported but the 
least "secure".  You are limited to 8 character plaintext passwords, 
and the output will be 13 characters.  About seeing many different 
outputs of the same plaintext, that's normal.  There are 4096 
different valid encryptions for 'password'.  Each time you run 
mkpasswd, you will likely get a different one.  Just create one and 
put it into your ircd.conf (use the crypted version...), rehash, and 
then try to /oper nick plaintext in IRC.

Please note that you can get failed oper attempts by means other than 
an invalid or bad password.  Run ircd -conftest to test your ircd.conf 
before trying to run it, and correct any errors or warnings it prints 
out.  Also make sure your user at host match what the oper{} block 
expects, and if you use spoofed hostnames, make sure that the oper{} 
block contains the spoofed hostname, not your real hostname.

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