[ircd-ratbox] Generate Passwords

W. Campbell wcampbel at botbay.net
Sun Nov 28 15:26:29 EST 2004

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004, OSUKid7 wrote:

> Hello. I'm trying to find a way to generate passwords for my ratbox IRC
> server without a Linux machine/using the mkpasswd command. I thought the
> passwords were md5 passwords, but I've generated several md5 passwords with
> php, and obviously it doesn't generate the correct one. What type of
> encryption does ratbox use for operator passwords? How can I generate those
> passwords using either a Windows program or through a website? Thanks.

It's whatever types of passwords your system (the one with the ircd 
running on it) supports in its crypt() library.  Most Linux machines, 
for instance, support MD5, standard DES, and extended DES.

Note that an "MD5 password" must be one created by your crypt() 
function.  I'm not sure if PHP's md5 routines create the proper thing 
or not.

I would personally not trust any web based crypter, though if you 
really wish to go that way, you can likely find some by searching for 
it.  I made a Windows program to act as a frontend to crypt() using a 
"nice" GUI.  You can get a copy of that from 
You do, however, need to know what the ircd host uses.

PS.  A crypt() MD5 password will always be in the form:
where the x's and y's are "random" letters, numbers, '.' and '/' 
characters.  If PHP doesn't give you something in that form, it's not 
a valid MD5 password for ircd.

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