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Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Wed Nov 24 08:48:10 EST 2004

I've linked to this in the website - see the new 'patches' section.

Please note that by using any patches the ratbox developers will more than
likely refuse to support you should you encounter problems.

Also, if anyones bored and wants to write me a hybserv database converter
then email me offlist.  (Well, I say database, I mean an evil text file
that is not pleasant to parse at all..)

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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 05:57:42 -0500
From: Joan Sarah Touzet <joant at ieee.org>
To: General IRCD-Hybrid Discussion <hybrid at lists.ircd-hybrid.org>
Subject: ircd-archive reopened

Hi folks,

The ircd-archive, formerly at http://ircd.botbay.net/, is now available
again at http://www.wohmart.com/ircd/ .  Please make a note of it.

A big thanks to W. Campbell for maintaining this resource for the past 4
years.  I hope I can provide at least as good a service to those of you
publishing your own patches.

Joan Touzet

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