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hooiz at ircee.org hooiz at ircee.org
Sun Nov 7 11:58:11 EST 2004

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Subject: ping timeouts
> on all servers we run ircd-ratbox-1.5.3 on, we've noticed client connections closed due to ping timeouts. under ratbox, they always come at right around 604 seconds. we used to get the same behavior from ircd-hybrid, except at 208 seconds.
> it doesn't matter if we make changes to "idletime = 0;" or edit the ping times in the class blocks, we get the same behavior.

as a follow up to my original post, i've found  a quick fix. the ping timeouts were only affecting those in the oper connection class, so i commented the line:

#ping_time = 5 minutes;

i'll keep searching for a better fix, but in the meantime this is working for us.


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