[ircd-ratbox] ping timeouts

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Thu Nov 4 13:16:30 EST 2004

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Subject: RE: [ircd-ratbox] ping timeouts
> Do the clients respond when the server issues a PONG?
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> Subject: [ircd-ratbox] ping timeouts
> hello..
> on all servers we run ircd-ratbox-1.5.3 on, we've noticed client connections
> closed due to ping timeouts. under ratbox, they always come at right around
> 604 seconds. we used to get the same behavior from ircd-hybrid, except at
> 208 seconds.
> it doesn't matter if we make changes to "idletime = 0;" or edit the ping
> times in the class blocks, we get the same behavior.

they are saying yes, they do reply to pings, but i'm suspicious of that happening. i've thought from the beginning it was caused by the client, and not the server. i just thought i'd run it by the list anyway, just in case i missed something.


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