[ircd-ratbox] AMD64.

Caleb caleb at x-ess.org
Mon May 31 00:26:45 EDT 2004

It has been reported on our network that the main io_loop currently causes
abnormally high cpu usage on the sparc64 linux platform (We're not
completely sure if it was due to the older kernel or the sparc64).  There
was no extensive research done on this as it does run and compile, but we
experimented by adding the irc_sleep (nanosleep) function back in which was
removed between the 1.2 and 1.3 tree (where 1.2 had no cpu problems for us)
and all returned to normal for us (on a side note, the irc_sleep remains in
the hybrid release code).  However, the problem Paul-Andrew seems to to be
more serious.  Just something to let you know about.


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> There aren't any that I know of, but I've not tested on AMD64 on FreeBSD
> either.  I do know that ircd-ratbox does work okay on sparc64 on Linux and
> Solaris.  If you could get a useful gdb to debug these, would be helpful
> of course.
> Aaron
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