[ircd-ratbox] the future..

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Fri May 7 12:32:45 EDT 2004


Just a little update on where ircd-ratbox is heading.

ircd-ratbox-2.0 is drawing ever closer, rc5 fixed the last few bugs we
actually know about.  I anticipate a release "soon" - probably towards
the end of this month if no major bugs crop up.  Its been running well
at choopa/limelight on efnet for a while now.  (Thanks go to Disciple 
and logo for providing test servers..)

ircd-ratbox-1.x will not (unless something major happens) have another
release, or have any further work done on it.

Essentially, releases are going to become split into three categories,
along debianesque lines.  ratbox-1.4-2 is "stable" - what we recommend
for production networks.  ratbox-2.0 will be "testing".  This *should* be
usable on production networks, but may or may not have the same level of
stability as "stable".  Anything else will be "devel".

Eventually, the 2.x series will replace 1.x, however it needs wider
testing before that can happen.

The ROADMAP we have been (and will be) working from is available here:

This will become more detailed over the next few weeks, as we sort out
what needs to be done where.  As ever, feature requests are always

Lee H

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