[ircd-ratbox] Re: Halfops

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Sat Mar 27 13:44:52 EST 2004

Mateusz Szczyrzyca wrote:

> I have IRC Network (www.ircnet.pl), we use ircd-hybrid, because this ircd
> have halfops.
> ircd-ratbox is cool, but my network doesn't exist without halfops. :(
> Can you add halfops to ratbox? Please! :)

No. :)

Nowadays, halfops are a complete waste in an ircd.  They were designed 
for networks which were not about to introduce services [ie efnet], to 
help guard against takeovers.  Thats simply not a concern anymore -- 
networks have channel services that work more effectively than halfops.

Not to mention there are various eggdrop scripts about that will emulate 

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