[ircd-ratbox] core in match.c [long msg]

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Sat Mar 13 10:54:31 EST 2004

Eric Dyer wrote:
> We had 4 of our 5 servers crash at what appears to be the exact same point.  
> We have done some modification to the code but haven't changed anything in the 
> neighborhood of the crash.  gdb backtrace from the 3 I could get follows.  
> all servers running ratbox-1.3-1 stable (20040305_0)

We cant realistically offer support for modified daemons - whilst you 
may not have done anything directly in the viscinity of the core, its 
possible other things you have done have contributed to it.

Ive had a look at where it cored, and I cant see anything obvious wrong 
with the code in CVS.  From what I can see, theres an invalid 
client/hostname on the hostname hash.  This hash is quite heavily used - 
every local client will have lookups done on this hash, which contains 
all users on the network.  Given 1.3-1 has been about for a good few 
months, if there was a bug there I wouldve expected it to have shown up 
very quickly indeed.

Im more inclined to think this is your local modifications than anything 
else, id suggest trying unmodified code.

-                    Lee H    //  anfl @ irc
-                I code, therefore I break things

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