[ircd-ratbox] channel mode propagating problem

Aaron Sethman androsyn at ratbox.org
Sun Jun 20 12:18:08 EDT 2004

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, [iso-8859-2] Tomáš Janoušek wrote:

> Hello,
> there was a change in mode propagation between 1.4rc2 and 1.4, which broke
> m_omode and maybe even something else.

Well, m_omode isn't really a supported module, if it happened to still 
work it was luck.

> (all line numbers apply to ircd-ratbox-1.4 tree)
> in src/channel_mode.c:1574, there you say /* only attempt to propagate if we
> have to */, but it is not propagated in some cases. It's propagated if
> source_p is MyClient, but omode's source_p is the server itself. But the
> second condition for propagating is strange for me,
> dlink_list_length(&serv_list) > 1, this means, that it will propagate on
> server with more than 1 links, that is, the hub server (and it really work
> fine there).

Well if we are not a hub server, we shouldn't have server modes to 
propagate out, technically.  If I seem to remember correctly there was an 
issue with sending out server modes when we shouldn't have been.  Feel 
free to submit patches to fix m_omode.c though, while avoiding touching 
the main tree :)


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