[ircd-ratbox] channel mode propagating problem

Tomáš Janoušek tomi at nomi.cz
Sun Jun 20 05:29:11 EDT 2004

there was a change in mode propagation between 1.4rc2 and 1.4, which broke
m_omode and maybe even something else.

(all line numbers apply to ircd-ratbox-1.4 tree)

in src/channel_mode.c:1574, there you say /* only attempt to propagate if we
have to */, but it is not propagated in some cases. It's propagated if
source_p is MyClient, but omode's source_p is the server itself. But the
second condition for propagating is strange for me,
dlink_list_length(&serv_list) > 1, this means, that it will propagate on
server with more than 1 links, that is, the hub server (and it really work
fine there). But we should propagate this servermode even though we have only
one link. I don't understand this condition, modes received from other servers
are propagated elsewhere, so this condition does not make any sense for me.

Thanks for your reply.
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