[ircd-ratbox] AMD64.

Paul-Andrew Joseph Miseiko esoteric at teardrop.ca
Tue Jun 1 15:01:01 EDT 2004

A bit more information pertaining to the AMD 64 issue; the server signals a
segmentation violation when attempting to send the private message.  The
private message never gets sent before the server dies.

Still no gdb output since apartment gdb does not compile on the AMD 64 chip.
Does anybody know any gdb alternatives that work on the AMD 64 chip?


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Caleb wrote:
> It has been reported on our network that the main io_loop currently causes
> abnormally high cpu usage on the sparc64 linux platform (We're not
> completely sure if it was due to the older kernel or the sparc64).  There
> was no extensive research done on this as it does run and compile, but we
> experimented by adding the irc_sleep (nanosleep) function back in which
> removed between the 1.2 and 1.3 tree (where 1.2 had no cpu problems for
> and all returned to normal for us (on a side note, the irc_sleep remains
> the hybrid release code).  However, the problem Paul-Andrew seems to to be
> more serious.  Just something to let you know about.

AndroSyn has commited a fix for this to the RATBOX_1 branch, can you use 
the current cvs version of 1.x for me and see if these issues are fixed?

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