[ircd-ratbox] AMD64.

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Tue Jun 1 14:42:58 EDT 2004

Caleb wrote:
> It has been reported on our network that the main io_loop currently causes
> abnormally high cpu usage on the sparc64 linux platform (We're not
> completely sure if it was due to the older kernel or the sparc64).  There
> was no extensive research done on this as it does run and compile, but we
> experimented by adding the irc_sleep (nanosleep) function back in which was
> removed between the 1.2 and 1.3 tree (where 1.2 had no cpu problems for us)
> and all returned to normal for us (on a side note, the irc_sleep remains in
> the hybrid release code).  However, the problem Paul-Andrew seems to to be
> more serious.  Just something to let you know about.

AndroSyn has commited a fix for this to the RATBOX_1 branch, can you use 
the current cvs version of 1.x for me and see if these issues are fixed?

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