[ircd-ratbox] unknown error during link

admin at ofloo.net admin at ofloo.net
Fri Jan 2 17:06:10 EST 2004

what the hell is this i compiled nicklength on all servers 32 ... why is it that this error occours it's only on one server ..

also why is it that i can't use crypted links .. while i use md5 links for my services (chanfix, sentinel)

[22:27] -irc.eu.no.ofloo.net- *** Connecting to irc.eu.nl.ofloo.net.7029
[22:27] -irc.eu.no.ofloo.net- *** Notice -- Link with irc.eu.nl.ofloo.net[unknown at] established: (TS QS EX IE CHW EOB KLN GLN KNOCK TB UNKLN CLUSTER ENCAP) link
[22:27] -irc.eu.no.ofloo.net- *** Notice -- Dropping server irc.eu.nl.ofloo.net due to (invalid) command 'NICK' with only 12 arguments.  (Buf: 'irc.eu.nl.ofloo.net fhoii 1 1073073807 +i ~yebse D8814.d.pppool.de irc.eu.nl.of+i ~xprz irc.eu.be.ofloo.net vedu ')
[22:27] -irc.eu.no.ofloo.net- *** Notice -- irc.eu.nl.ofloo.net was connected for 1 seconds.  0/32 sendK/recvK.
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