[ircd-ratbox] code bottlenecks

Daniel Corbe dcorbe at resultstel.com
Fri Feb 27 15:45:29 EST 2004


has anyone ever put forth effort to benchmark the ammount of time it takes
for ircd to accept() and set up everything necessary for new connections?

I ask because I'm currently designing a framework around the sockets API
that needs to support 10k clients and I figured who better to ask than ircd
coders about bottlenecks in networking code.

I ran a couple of benchmarks on my own code as it stands right now and on a
PII 300Mhz machine from start to finish including setup of all the necessary
structs, it currently takes between 0.170 and 0.190 seconds.

that seems rediculously high to me.  That's less than 10 clients per second
if the server is completely idle (IE not proccessing commands from other

There are still things I can to speed it up.  I'm still doing some malloc
trickery where I could be preallocating memory on start-up and what not.

but I'm looking for general tips, tricks and what not.

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