[ircd-ratbox] some suggestions to the build system

Marcus Rueckert darix at web.de
Tue Dec 21 15:49:00 EST 2004


first of all i have to say: Thank you. a nice piece of software.

but i have some suggestions mainly for the build system.
1. it would be cool if you could honor --bindir.
   atm i patch it with 's|bin|sbin| in include/config.h

2. furthermore for packaging it would be cool if you could port
   --programm_(suffix|prefix) to the configure. atm i need to
   's|\(BINPATH "/.*\)"|\1-%{_suffix}"|g' and moving the files around

3. a pid file in the config dir ... not so cool especially if you keep
   your configs /etc ... => 's|ETCPATH "/ircd.pid"|"%{run_dir}/pid"|'
   run_dir is /var/run/ircd-ratbox. you would expect the pid file in
   the dir passed --localestatedir. /var/run on most boxes. 

so long ...


irssi - the client of the smart and beautiful people


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